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About US

We completely love and support Michael O’Mara Books. As a fan community of this publishing company, we can attest to the fact that it has no match out there. Whenever we require a certain book, we go straight to Michael O’Mara Books archives. This is where we find books from the world’s top authors. Our group consists of young and lively fellows, and we all cannot get enough of this publishing house.

Michael O’Mara Books background

This company had its humble beginnings just like several other large conglomerates and multinational businesses. Michael O’Mara Books was founded in July 1985 and published its first book. In those early days, the business had only two owners who were also the employees: Mr. and Mrs. O’Mara. Their publishing office began in the extra bedroom of their Clapham bungalow. Almost thirty-two years later, the small firm has blossomed and grown several times bigger.

So far it boasts a backlist of one thousand titles and produces 150 new books a year. Still a family publishing house, Michael O’Mara Books competes freely with the world’s biggest publishing companies. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but the firm says that it has enjoyed it all. This independent publisher is known all over the world and its books are promoted via the internet.

Reasons why we love Michael O’Mara Books

Our fan community consists of youngsters with a common interest but diverse hobbies. Some of us get books from this firm just to read during our leisure times. Others get books for their school work or as gifts to friends and family. We all enjoy reading fiction and non-fiction books, though, which we effortlessly get from this publisher.

Michael O’Mara Books is a reputable and respected name in the book publishing industry. We trust it, therefore, plus we love the fact that O’Mara Books prints and publishes books from the most talented writers. Some of these authors include: Michelle Collins, Tim Collins, Bob Harris, Neil Hanson, Bourbon Kid, Roy Hudd and Rich Fulcher and several others.

We find it extremely easy to locate a certain book from our favorite authors on Michael O’Mara Books’ website. Every item we require is quick to locate and buy. Searching for a nice book is super easy and quick. You should simply click “Find a Book” and then click the book category you want.

Categories make the search convenient because we simply pick the one we want: Art, Maths&English, Autobiography & Memoir, Nostalgia, Fiction, and coloring, Activity and Puzzles and EBooks among others. Michael O’Mara Books meets the needs of every sort of reader in our fan community, and that’s why we will forever depend on it.