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Over the past 15 years Michael O'Mara Books has steadily built up a list of children's titles. After continual increased growth in sales it was decided to launch a separate imprint, and thus Buster Books was born. Buster is a tenacious Norwich terrier who not only appears on the spines of the children's books, but makes guest appearances in many of our publications.

Buster Books is bounding forward with a fantastic selection of innovative children's non-fiction and novelty titles. As well as all our favourite titles here at Buster Books, we have some excellent and fun titles coming out over the next few months. As part of the highly successful 'cheque book' range, we have School Cheques and for the ultimate in hilarious jokes and goofy gags, we have The World's Dumbest Jokes. These two books are perfect examples of the way in which we intend to identify and meet the current children's market.

Heading our list we have the ultimate in interactive books - Hide and Seek with Leo and the exclusive I'm a Little... series, all with amazing latex hand puppets (published since July 2001). These innovative books are a brilliant introduction to reading for younger children, as well as teaching them valuable lessons, such as feeling proud of who you are and how to make new friends. Fabulous touch and feel board books, first learning kits and photographic flip-overs ensure the list will appeal to foreign and UK trade customers. We are dedicated to providing irresistible and fun books for children of all ages.


Story Time

In this charming anthology, 21 well-loved tales are grouped in timed sections so busy parents can choose exactly how long the story lasts. Ideal for children aged 3 to 8 years old, the stories are told in an up-to-date and lovely way that will entertain both reader and listeners.


The World's Dumbest Jokes

The World's Dumbest Jokes is an hilarious collection of some of the most stupid but funniest jokes ever invented and is guaranteed to have everyone in stitches. Bursting with zillions of jokes from animal gags and famous knock knock jokes to hysterical doctor jokes and ghoulish giggles this book will make friends and family groan and run for their lives.

School Cheques

Children will love this latest addition to the cheque book range. With a huge variety of cheques to choose from, children can pick a cheque to suit every classroom and playground situation. As well as cheques printed with promises, six blank cheques are provided so that they can make up their own personal promises and secrets to share with the closest of school friends.

Best Friends

Girls will love this little paperback book - it is a unique celebration of friendship. Best Friends is an 'all-you-need-to-know' guide to the etiquette of the perfect friendship. This book is full of little ways in which girls can analyse what might be going on in their friend's life, from handwriting analysis to reading her body language. Every girl loves a little message to brighten her day, and there is an excellent section on inspirational text messages that best friends can have fun sending each other.

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