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 Foreign Rights

We in foreign rights are responsible for selling the copyright of our English language books into other languages.

 We do this in two ways:

We sell licenses, which allow foreign publishers to translate and print their own editions, paying us a royalty per copy. This is more usual in text only books or books where there are plate sections of illustrations.

We sell 'co-editions', where foreign publishers translate the book, send us pieces of film with their text exactly where ours appears on the page. By joining several languages together, the total print quantity is higher and therefore cheaper. The colour remains exactly the same for each language, but the printer switches the black plate for each language.

We meet our foreign publishers at book fairs, including Frankfurt (the biggest) every October, London in March and Book Expo America in May/June. In addition we make trips to our territories to visit publishers in their offices.

Back in the office, we send sample material, and follow up with faxes, emails and phone calls in order to close deals, after negotiation of prices and terms.

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