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The production team is responsible for getting the books delivered on time, at the right price and to the quality level required.

When a title is first suggested, we discuss the specification with editorial and design to make sure that the size, number of pages, printing method and materials used are right for that particular title. We then get an initial price to make sure that we can get the right selling price for the proposed quantity. Once the title is given the go-ahead, we get prices from several printers to ensure that we are getting the best deal.

The Next Step...

The next step is to work out a schedule so that the pre-press stages (editorial, design, typesetting and picture origination) result in the required delivery date. We liaise with other departments and the printers (many of whom are in Europe or the Far East) to ensure that the schedule is being kept.

To do our job we have been trained in printing technology and have to continually update this knowledge as pre-press and manufacturing techniques are constantly being developed and improved.

At O'Mara, the lead titles often have to be produced very quickly and also securely, so that the content does not 'leak' to the press before the book is published. With bestsellers, we have to make arrangements for fast reprints, so that the book does not go out of stock.

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