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The role of the sales department is to effectively represent and promote the list of books that Michael O'Mara publishes. This is achieved by using all communication channels. At an early stage our team of representatives visits bookshops to show the buyers our forthcoming titles. This is done at least three months before publication and is an early indication on how well a particular title will do.

Print runs are set close to the publication date and the number printed is calculated on how well the book has sold in. In-house we will be sending information directly to key accounts and this is followed up by a visit from the Sales Director. We also use mail shots to advertise new titles and these have proved effective for promoting a range of books like our Little Book series. We also use the telephone a great deal to support the above techniques and to reiterate the sales potential of our titles.

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Obtaining publicity for a book involves creating media interest in the author and/or the book itself. This usually begins with writing creative and strong copy in a press release that will be sent to selected national and regional newspapers, magazines, trade press, and radio and television programmes.

For bigger titles we will seek to secure 1st and possibly 2nd serial or extract with a national newspaper or magazine. Once this has run, review copies will be sent out to other interested media for the purpose of features, reviews, promotions or author interviews. It is important to know when the author is available, and to ensure that they get regular updates of the schedule. We also deal with all press enquiries about backlist and frontlist titles and authors.

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Organising the production of the Spring and Autumn catalogues, as well as any other printed material for sales or publicity purposes. This includes compiling all the copy and images, selecting printers and designers, liaising with printers and designers and distributing final copies

Overseeing website development and maintenance

Booking advertising space and designing advertisements, usually for the trade press

Arranging the production, design and distribution of point of sale material such as dumpbins, posters and counterpacks

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