The Wicked Wit of William Shakespeare

Dominique Enright

No other writer has come close to rivalling the creative genius of William Shakespeare. Actor, poet and playwright, he was not only the greatest dramatist of his day, but, as his friend and fellow playwright Ben Jonson asserted, the greatest dramatist 'for all time'. His tragedies, histories and comedies are still performed and studied the world over, and they are as eloquent and as relevant today as when they were performed before audiences over four hundred years ago.

Discover the best of Shakespeare's writing in The Wicked Wit of William Shakespeare. Here can be found not only quotations from his plays, but the most favourite of his character speeches and soliloquies, as well as a selection of his best-loved poetry. With a detailed introduction to his life and work, this beautifully produced book is a must for all readers.

ISBN : 1854794086

Price : �9.99