Text Messaging Books

The Txtr's A-Z

Compiled by Andrew John with Stephen Blake

We live in an age of rapid international communication, mobile internet access, email and ebusiness. Developed to meet the demands of the new language that makes the most of up-to-date phone and palm-top technology, The Txtr's A-Z is a pocket-sized yet wide-ranging dictionary of text-messaging phrases, acronyms, abbreviations, emoticons and definitions.

Text messaging and email are quick, efficient and highly cost-effective - and they're hear to stay. Compact and easy to use, The Txtr's A-Z is the essential reference guide for everyone who wants to stay ahead in a fast-moving technological world.

As you browse through this comprehensive dictionary, you'll be fascinated, titillated, educated and occasionally bewildered, but what you won't be is bored!

ISBN : 1854798634

Price : �3.99