Ozzy Unauthorized

Sue Crawford

In this diverting, fast-paced read, Sue Crawford, a professional author and journalist, charts the extraordinary life and times of Ozzy Osbourne with huge affection and a wit to match the man himself. Hard-core fans will not be disappointed either. Ozzy is a true original, who has made the most of his opportunities and talents. We may be no less surprised and delighted than he is himself to find him alive and well in the new millennium. This fascinating biography is that rare thing; a genuine page-turner. With 32 pages of colour photographs, including a number of rare and unusual shots, and a full discography and chronology, Ozzy Unauthorized is a comprehensive, mind-blowing study of the past, present and, with its specially commissioned astrological chart, even the future of a true survivor and a true star.

ISBN : 1854799991

Price : �14.99