Elton: Made in England

Judy Parkinson

Elton John- record-breaking, Oscar-winning singer-song-writer, accomplished pianist, chairman of a national football club and an international charitable foundation, recipient of a CBE in 1995 and a knighthood in 1998- is one of the world's greatest entertainers; a legendary talent, personality and superstar in the fickle worlds of rock and pop, glamour and celebrity.

In this fascinating new biography, Judy Parkinson combines an accurate and impressive knowledge with extensive research to produce a wholly authoritative account of the private and public life of an extraordinary man. Chronicling his childhood, teenage years, early music career, success in the music world, marriage, sexuality, football chairmanship, royal connections, extravagance and celebrity, the story of Sir Elton is presented in absorbing detail - a must for any Elton fan.

ISBN : 1 85479 314 4

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