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 Out Now! The Cat Day Book

 Coming in June Cancer Positive: The Role of the Mind in Tackling Cancers Dr James Colthurst

 Coming in June-updated! Posh & Becks Andrew Morton

 Coming in May Essentially English photographs by Patrick Ward

 Out Now! The World According to Elvis Clare Flowers

 Out Now! The World According to Margaret Thatcher Stephen Blake and Andrew John

 Out Now! In paperback Diana: Closely Guarded Secret Ken Wharfe with Robert Jobson

 Out Now! In paperback Ozzy Unauthorized Sue Crawford

 Out Now! Wicked Geordie and Wicked Scouse English Diana Briscoe

 Out Now! Elton Made in England Judy Parkinson

 Out now The Wicked Wit of Women compiled by Dominique Enright

 Out now The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Wedding

 Out now How to Be the Perfect Best Man

 Out Now Nine for Nine: The Pennsylvania Mine Rescue Miracle by Andrew Morton

 Dog Day Book photographs by John Drysdale