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Main benefits of reading

Is reading a good book one of your favorite hobbies? If no, this is an activity you should try soon. Reading urges your brain to think and concentrate. It is also a fun activity to do each time you feel bored, lonely or stressed out. If you read an interesting blog post or a page in a book, you can preoccupy your mind with something positive. Here are more benefits you can gain from reading.

Reading can boost your tolerance levels

Most people lack patience in activities that take too long to finish, too tiring or extremely boring. Unless an activity is constantly mind-boggling, they simply quit. If you are of this kind, you should start reading a book often. The more you read, the more you will gain the staying power. Perseverance is an important virtue in life and you can learn to persist by reading a few chapters of a book daily. You can vow to yourself that you won’t sleep before you finish reading two pages. Before you know it, you will not be sleeping before completing two book chapters. In other words, you will improve your ability to be patient and tolerant.

Reading keeps your brain young and updated

Your brain is a machine that could become lazier and slower over time. If you don’t read something because you are no longer in school, you are making your brain age before its time. The easiest and cheapest way to take years off your brain is to read something every day. Studies have shown that adults who spend their time doing something intellectual had a thirty-two percent slower rate of cognitive decline in the future than those who don’t bother. Hence, reading is recommended for seniors with a higher risk of developing Alzheimers. Above all, when you read you stay updated.

Gets rid of unwarranted stress

Stress is bad for your health. It can easily convert to depression, which is even more destructive. Thus, the best way to avoid stress is to preoccupy your mind with something different. And reading can be beneficial, as it can reduce your levels of a stress hormone like cortisol. It can be more effective in stress reduction than playing a video game, listening to a song or watching a TV episode. Reading is best done in a quiet environment, helping your mind to unclog and relax.

Reading can boost your English skills

As you read, you will come across words you have never heard. These new vocabularies will build on your current level of English grammar. Studies indicate that we gain five to fifteen percent of our total mental vocabularies from just reading. Hence, you should read often.

In addition to the above-mentioned points, you can feel motivated when you read. For instance, reading someone’s triumph story can motivate you to win your own battles.