Kylie Confidential by Sean Smith

�Kylie Confidential� by Sean Smith, is an honest, authoritative and fun portrait of the Queen of Pop, who has transformed herself from innocent girl-next-door to the world�s sexiest woman, with all the twists and turns in between.

In a series of thought-provoking self contained �pen portraits� which together form a complete picture of her life in our times, �Kylie Confidential� takes the unique approach of looking at the pop icon in her many extraordinary incarnations � as pop puppet, as an original style setting talent and as one of the most desirable women on the planet.

Published to coincide with her major UK and European tour, �Kylie Confidential� builds the essential portrait of a superstar which will surprise and entertain.

�Kylie Confidential� looks at how her motivation has driven her to success, why she is not so innocent, with an exclusive chapter devoted to an interview with one of her former lovers, how she has become one of the great survivors of pop and, in the process, become one of the most desirable women on the planet.

Kylie�s recent success has been a phenomenon. She has won two �Brits�, two �Top of the Pops� awards and a �Carling NME� award as well as many others worldwide. Her 2001 million seller �Can�t Get You Out Of My Head� topped the charts throughout Europe, Asia and Australia as well as providing Kylie with her first top ten hit in the USA for more than a decade. The album �Fever�, a UK Number One, entered the US charts at Number Three, a spectacular achievement. Her first four UK tour dates sold out within one hour. Kylie shares with Madonna the distinctions of having UK Number Ones spanning three decades. She has finally eclipsed the Material Girl in terms of worldwide popularity.

�Kylie Confidential� includes a full discography, chronology and a specially commissioned birth chart. With 32 pages of stunning photographs, �Kylie Confidential� is the Number One book for every Kylie fan and for all those fascinated by a phenomenon that has spanned three decades.

KYLIE MOTIVATED: The inner steel that drove Kylie to become a child actress and teenage star, her rivalry with sister Dannii and how her singing career was �no happy accident� as she called it.

KYLIE SEXED: Contains an exclusive interview with a former lover, exploding the myth that Kylie was just an innocent girl-next-door and exposing the lie that Kylie was ever �corrupted� by sex svengali Michael Hutchence.

KYLIE PRECOCIOUS: How Kylie was prepared right from the start to sacrifice personal happiness for career goals and how the public confused the real Kylie with the fictional character Charlene in �Neighbours�.

KYLIE PROTECTED: Reveals how her image has always been carefully protected and examines the Kylie of the Stock, Aitken and Waterman era.

KYLIE VULNERABLE: The strain that the treadmill of success has put on Kylie and the times when the stresses became too much for her and a light-hearted look at the public fascination with Kylie�s eating habits.

KYLIE UNEXPECTED: Goes behind the lurid headlines to tell the real story of the relationship between Kylie and Michael Hutchence and how the much maligned rock star helped shape her future.

KYLIE STYLISH: The steps that Kylie took to change her image because �it was the only thing that she had control over� and how that journey took her to the position of Style Icon of the Year

KYLIE SELECTIVE: Focuses on the men in her life since Jason Donovan and Michael Hutchence: the truth about Evan Dando, Lenny Kravitz, James Gooding, Stephane Sednaoui and what Kylie looks for in a man.

KYLIE CREATIVE: How the pop puppet of the late 1980s became cool in the mid 90s; her alliance with Nick Cave, Brothers in Rhythm and the Manic Street Preachers and the disappointment of the public�s response.

KYLIE PERSONAL: Looks behind the public image at the private world of Kylie, her relationship with her family and friends and what makes her lose her temper.

KYLIE SUCCESSFUL: The great come-back � her collaboration with Robbie Williams, her status as a gay icon and the success of �Fever�.

KYLIE DESIRABLE: The story of how a pair of gold hot pants launched the world�s most famous bottom and helped Kylie Minogue become the world�s most desirable woman.