Coming in September 2002: Wicked Willie Does Stand Up


Gray Jolliffe�s witty and hugely successful character Wicked Willie is back with his hilarious observations and home truths about man�s best friend.

Conceived by Gray Jolliffe in the eighties, Wicked Willie has enjoyed tremendous success. Eight books and three million copies later, he�s making a comeback and he�s going to be bigger than ever!

Wicked Willie Does Stand Up features the comedian Wicked Willie taking centre stage and providing an hilarious commentary on the rollercoaster ride that is a modern-day sexual relationship. Laugh along with him as he talks about his favourite subject � himself!!

So here he is, Wicked Willie on sex, sex and more sex. He reveals the naked, full frontal, inside story of the anarchic third person in affairs of the heart. He spells out a great psychological truth � that a man and his willie are separate characters, who, though best friends, don�t often agree on how to behave.

Wicked Willie Does Stand Up takes a comical approach to sex � it comes with a pop up finger puppet, for those of us who can�t stop playing � and is an ideal gift purchase when you really just don�t know what to buy the man in your life.

USER FRIENDLY: Willies are easy to use and have a soft rounded end so as not to cause injury to the consumer.

DOES SIZE MATTER?: The answer is No, as long as it�s big. However, most women agree that it�s not the length but the width that counts, but more often than not, what they mean is your wallet.

SAFE SEX: The only �safe� sex is when her husband is away on a business trip. Condoms, pills and celibacy can also be effective.

SEX TOYS: Mechanical devices can stimulate a woman�s interest in sex. The best example is a Mercedes convertible.

SEDUCTION: Do something. Make a move. It isn�t enough to just stand there looking pretty, particularly if you�re ugly. Be yourself, unless you�re a total loser, in which case it�s a good idea to be someone else.