Great Football Headlines and Great Rugby Headlines

Appealing to sports fans everywhere, Great Football Headlines and Great Rugby Headlines provide a fascinating record of individual and team achievements from across the globe - an essential chronicle of sporting history taken from the newspapers of the day.

Do you remember England's incredible 1966 World Cup campaign? Can you recall the glory days of the legendary Stanley Matthews?
Or perhaps you remember when Barry John led the British Lions to victory against New Zealand in 1971? Can you recall England's triumphant Grand Slam win in 1980?

Containing a wide selection of emotive headlines, detailed reports, statistics and triumphant pictorial scenes from newspapers of the time, Great Football Headlines and Great Rugby Headlines capture some of the most memorable moments of the game's success stories over the last hundred years.

Victories in the World Cup, FA Cup, Football League, European championships and other prized competitions are featured, triggering significant memories from the colourful world of football.

Victories in the Five Nations Championship, Calcutta Cup, World Cup and British Lions' tours are featured, evoking exciting recollections from the physical world of rugby.