Morton takes on Madonna

Andrew Morton�s latest biography will detail the life of "Queen of Pop" Madonna, and his plans have caught the interest of the press. The internationally-best-selling biographer of Diana, Princess of Wales, and Posh and Becks is not deterred by the singer�s determination not to reveal details of her private life, and speculation is rife as to what he may write.

The Guardian was quick to point out, in its July 2 issue, that Madonna had approved a BBC documentary entitled "There�s Only One Madonna", while reportedly instructing her friends not to speak to Morton. The Observer had already run a piece suggesting that the TV feature was only passed once Madonna knew that it would be a positive piece, based on interviews with "carefully selected" friends. Morton, however, does not have to name names, and as a result he has secured information from many previously untapped sources.

The Mirror, meanwhile, dubbed Morton "Superman" when it backed the view that a star who has courted publicity all her life must eventually face the music.

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