Michael O'Mara and Buster Books 2009 Titles

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Late additions to the schedule:

T he Little Book of Twitter: Get Tweetwise!
Tim Collins
144x111mm • 160pp • PB • �3.99
11th June 2009

T he Little Book of Twitter features a wealth of tips and tricks to get you up to speed with the newest internet phenomenon. Complete with a little bit of Twitter-related humour, it's the perfect companion for a dedicated tweeter or a beginner.

M ichael Jackson - Legend: 1958-2009
Chas Newkey-Burden
231x153mm • 224pp+16pp • HB • �14.99
1st September 2009

M ichael Jackson - Legend is the complete story of the life and death of The King of Pop from child prodigy to global superstardom. It is a lasting tribute to an incredibly talented musician whose influence changed the face of the music industry forever.

F  My Life: And You Thought You'd Had A Bad Day...
216x135mm • 192pp • PB • �10.00
1st October 2009

F  My Life is a collection of the most embarrassing and hilarious anecdotes from the hugely popular website www.fmylife.com. The idea is simple: people describe the various moments that have ruined their day, from the ridiculous to the truly mortifying, and all very, very funny.

T iny Acts of Rebellion
Rich Fulcher
216x1351mm • 192pp • PB • �10.00
8th October 2009

Tiny Acts of Rebellion is the first solo book from Rich Fulcher, star of The Mighty Boosh , containing a hilarious collection of devilishly inventive ways to unleash your rebellious side...without getting arrested.

R obert Pattinson: The Unauthorized Biography
Virginia Blackburn
231x153mm • 224pp • HB • �14.99
1st November 2009

T he first full-length biography of Robert Pattinson, star of the movie franchises Twilight and Harry Potter. Revealing the true story of Pattinson's ascent to stardom from his London childhood to landing the leading role in Twilight, the book will be published to coincide with the release of New Moon in November.

B ehind The Lost Symbol: The Unauthorized Guide to Dan Brown's Bestselling Novel
Tim Collins
198x129mm • 160pp • PB • �7.99
27th November 2009

B ehind the Lost Symbol is the complete handbook to the latest addition to Dan Brown's bestselling series of novels The Lost Symbol, delving into the mysteries, symbolism and historical contexts of the new novel. An unmissable guide for any new readers or devotees alike.