New Moan: The Twishite Saga - A Parody

Stephfordy Mayo

Tiny Acts of Rebellion

Rich Fulcher

He Took My Kidney, Then Broke My Heart

Dave Spikey

The Book of Senior Jokes: The Ones You Can Remember

Geoff Tibballs

Hairy Hunks: A Celebration of Shaggy Stallions

Lucy Porter

Robin the Hoodie: An ASBO History of Britain

Hans Christian Asbosen

The Northern Monkey Survival Guide: How to Hold on to Your Northern Cred in a World Filled with Southern Jessies

Tim Collins

Cringe: Toe-Curlingly Embarrassing Teenage Diaries, Love Letters and Bad Poetry

Sarah Brown

The Office Book: Howlers and Hilarity from the World of Work

Chloe Rhodes

F My Life: And You Thought You�d Had A Bad Day...

Maxime Valette, Guillaume Pass

Rob DJ�s Monday Night Pub Quiz Book

Rob DJ

The Telephone Doodle Book

Andrew Pinder

If It�s Broke, Fix It: How to Mend Everyday Stuff

Nick Harper

Purple Ronnie�s Totally Brilliant Doodle Book

Purple Ronnie

The Little Book Of Twitter: Get Tweetwise!

Tim Collins

Thinning the Herd: Tales of the Weirdly Departed

Cynthia Ceil�n

Doodle While You Work

Staffan Gnosspelius

The ASBO Fairy Tales

Hans Christian Asbosen

Dear Customer Services: Letters From The World�s Most Troublesome Shopper

Terry Ravenscroft

The Sprout Book: A Celebration of the Humble Brussels Sprout

Tess Read

Blonde Moments: The Ditzy Gaffes and Blunders Uttered by Blondes of Every Hue

Fleur Barrington

100 Things To Do When You're Dead

Rob Bailey

The Seniors' Survival Guide: New Tricks for Old Dogs

Geoff Tibballs

The Llama Sutra: Getting Wild in the Wild Kingdom

Ward Calhoun

You Know You�re Past It When . . .

Shelley Klein

The Rhyming Bible: From the Creation to Revelation

James Muirden

The Modern Wit

Shelley Klein

The Baldies Survival Guide: Everything a Slaphead Needs to Cope in a Cruel Hairy World

Tim Collins

Is It Just Me Or Is Everything Great?

Geoff Tibballs

How to Sue Your Mother-In-Law and Prosecute Your Kids

Andrew Harley

Lost in Translation: Misadventures in English Abroad

Charlie Croker

Shite�s Unoriginal Miscellany

A. Parody

Eats, Shites and Leaves

A. Parody

A Shite History of Nearly Everything

A. Parody

Old Shite�s Almanac

A. Parody

Not All Grannies Knit: How to be a Bad Grandmother

Joan Pritchett

Nosepicking for Pleasure: A Handy Guide

Roland Flicket

The Wicked Wit of Insults

Maria Leach

Mondegreens: A Book of Mishearings

J. A. Wines

Air Mail: Letters From The World�s Most Troublesome Passenger

Terry Ravenscroft

More Senior Moments (The Ones We Forgot)

Shelley Klein

The Wicked Wit of Jane Austen

Dominique Enright

Sex Kittens: Single Cats Seeking Same

Chris Akins

Man Skills: A Training Manual For Men

Nick Harper

The Ginger Survival Guide

Tim Collins

Lost in Translation: Misadventures in English Abroad

Charlie Croker

Not All Grannies Knit: How to be a Bad Grandmother

Joan Pritchett

Old Shite�s Almanac

A Parody

The Cosmic Verses: A Rhyming History of the Universe

James Muirden

God�s Gift: Over 100 Studs, Stallions and Dreamboats from the 70s and 80s

Foreword by Lucie Cave

While You�re Down There: How to Ask For What You Want in Bed - And Get It!

Emma Dickens

More of The World�s Stupidest Signs

Cat Tales

John Perry

The Hangover Companion: A Guide to the Morning After

This Book Will Get You Laid

E. Dickens

Tricks to Freak Out Your Friends

Pete Firman

They Think It�s All Shite ...It Is Now!

A. Parody

Things to do Before You�re 40

Are You A Miserable Old Git?

Andrew John and Stephen Blake

The Joy of Swearing

M. Hunt

The Book of Senior Moments

Shelley Klein

The Timewaster Letters

Robin Cooper

Crap Teams

Geoff Tibballs

Humped Me, Dumped Me: Why You Were F****d and Chucked and How to Bounce Back

Yasmin Brooks and Cathy Gray

The World's Stupidest Celebrities

The World�s Stupidest Criminals

The World�s Stupidest Deaths

The World�s Stupidest Husbands

The World�s Stupidest Signs

The World's Stupidest Laws

The Wicked Wit Of Charles Dickens

Compiled by Shelley Klein

The Wicked Wit Of Oscar Wilde

Compiled by Maria Leach

The Wicked Wit Of Winston Churchill

Compiled by Dominique Enright

Laughable Latin

Lesley O�Mara and Rose William

The Book Of Urban Legends

Robin Reeve

The World�s Stupidest Last Words

Chris Maynard and Rhian Mckay

The World�s Stupidest Sporting Screw-Ups

Andrew John and Stephen Blake

Sex in Every City: How To Talk Dirty in Every Language

L. Brook

The World�s Stupidest Chat-Up Lines

The World�s Stupidest Instructions

Bryony Evens

Gross Britain: The Antidote To Patriotism

Taffy St George McScot

The World's Stupidest Headlines

Thomas�s Joke Book

Sarah Kennedy

You Are What You Shite

Dr Julian Keech

The World's Stupidest Men