Rob DJ�s Monday Night Pub Quiz Book

Rob DJ

Price:  �7.99                         Edition:  Paperback

ISBN:  1-84317-398-0

Specs:  198x129mm, 256pp+16pp

Pub date: available now

The tie-in quiz book to the popular feature on Radio 1�s Chris Moyles Show, �Rob DJ�s Monday Night Pub Quiz�

For those 7.7 million people who tune into The Chris Moyles Show in the mornings, Rob DJ is a household name. This plain-speaking Yorkshireman, who hosts a weekly pub quiz in Leeds has become a cult figure after his regular appearances on the show. Rob�s catchphrases are legendary: �Schnizzle my quizzle, mother�, �let�s get busy with the quizzy�, �what a thicko� and �I say pub � you say quiz� are all instantly recognisable, as is his one rule � Rob DJ�s answer is always right (even when it isn�t...).

In Rob DJ�s Monday Night Pub Quiz Book, Rob compiles the best questions from his five-year archive so that you can host your own Pub Quiz. Featuring posers on a multitude of subjects, plus some mind bending anagrams, these questions will provoke as much debate with your friends as they do in the Radio 1 studio. So turn your texts off and get your phones out of your area, the quiz is about to begin...

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