Cringe: Toe-Curlingly Embarrassing Teenage Diaries, Love Letters and Bad Poetry

Sarah Brown

Price:  �9.99                         Edition:  Paperback

ISBN:  1-84317-345-X

Specs:  216x135mm, 224pp

Pub date: available now

A terrifically cringe-worthy collection of teenage diary excerpts, overwrought poetry, blushmaking fan letters, guaranteed to make you laugh out loud as you remember your own teenage years!

Who among us hasn�t suffered from the trauma of adolescence? Of great loves gained and lost all in a day and friendships forever destroyed � only to be rekindled the following Monday morning? Well, you�re not alone...

Cringe features a fist-chewingly embarrassing collection of genuine teenage musings, alongside some self-examination, background and asides from the now so-called grown-ups who once wrote them. Re-enter the wonderfully melodramatic world of the teenage mind as Cringe provides a glimpse of the adolescent experience in all its tortured glory!

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