Aunt Epp�s Guide for Life: From Chastity to Copper Kettles, Musings of a Victorian Lady

Edited by Christopher Rush

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ISBN:  1-84317-343-3

Specs:  198x129mm, 192pp

Pub date: available now

�[Aunt Epp�s Guide for Life fits] well with the current trend for all things old-fashioned� - The Observer

Aunt Epp�s Guide for Life � From chastity to copper kettles musings of a Victorian Lady is going to hit the bestseller list� - Broadcasting House, Radio 4

Elspeth Marr (1871-1947) � also known as Aunt Epp � was the great-great-aunt of acclaimed author Christopher Rush, who only knew her for two brief years before her death. Long after Aunt Epp passed away, Christopher�s mother discovered the boxes of papers and diaries written by Aunt Epp to an unnamed �young girl� in her life, which now make up Aunt Epp�s Guide For Life.
Aunt Epp penned her life lessons, which form a fascinating glimpse of Victorian life, over sixty years. Sassy and opinionated, Aunt Epp was not afraid to voice her views and give her advice on topics ranging from adultery to wrinkles, God to genitals. Shockingly frank for her time, Elspeth does not shy away from taboo subjects, and her guide is full of wit, eccentricity and erudition.

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