Spilling the Beans on the Cat�s Pyjamas: Popular Expressions � What They Mean and Where We Got Them

Judy Parkinson

Price:  �9.99                         Edition:  Hardback

ISBN:  1-84317-365-4

Specs:  198x129mm,192pp

Pub date: available now

A wonderfully entertaining look at the meanings and origins of the many colourful � but baffling � phrases we use every day.

How on earth did �with bells on� come to express enthusiasm? And why is good health compared to a small stringed instrument? (�As fit as a fiddle.�) Let�s not beat about the bush: despite the fact that we have all used these phrases at one time or another, they are in truth � when you take a moment to consider them � completely non-sensical.

Spilling the Beans puts these linguistic quirks in context, explaining how and why they were first used. Absorbing, diverting and fascinating � as far as Christmas gifts go, Spilling the Beans really is the bee�s knees!

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