Diary of a Facelift

Toyah Wilcox

1-84317-135-X • £14.99 • 216x135mm • HB • 224pp + 16pp colour plates

PUB DATE 17.3.2023

It's not often a major household-name star admits to having had facial surgery. It's even rarer when she decides to make public a detailed, personal diary which gives a blow-by-blow account of the whole process, from the initial decision and nerve-racking waiting period through the surgery itself, the painful, frustrating recovery, and on to the final transformation. Yet this is exactly what Toyah Willcox has done. In an astonishingly honest, occasionally gruesome and frequently laugh-outloud-funny account, Toyah lifts the lid on a subject which has never beenhotter, yet is still shrouded in secrecy and hypocrisy. In so doing, she has given us a fascinating exploration of the nature of celebrity, ageing and beauty in the twenty-first century.


Sharon Osbourne:
Unauthorized, Uncensored - Understood

Sue Crawford

1-84317-148-1 • £17.99 • 231x153mm • HB • 224pp + 16pp colour photos

PUB DATE 28.4.05

In Sharon Osbourne: Unauthorized, Uncensored - Understood, we go behind the 'marketing-genius' headlines to reveal the extraordinary life of this remarkable woman. From her emotionally troubled childhood as the daughter of music svengali Don Arden, through the drink- and drug-fuelled years on the road with Ozzy, and her determination to make it as a female manager in a very male world, right up to her current incarnation as an award-winning TV star and 'supermom': every inch of her life is examined and celebrated in this innovative and ground-breaking biography. In Sharon we have found an icon for our times: not only a hugely-successful career woman in her own right, but a mother, a marketeer - and an inspiration to us all.




John Peel: A Life in Music

Michael Heatley Now in paperback

1-84317-157-0 • £6.99 • PB • 178x111mm • 224pp + 16pp colour plates

PUB DATE 24.03.05

John Peel had a pioneering radio career that spanned almost forty years, in which he championed left-field sounds from Captain Beefheart to Siouxsie and the Banshees. When he died suddenly at the age of sixty-five in October 2004, millions mourned the loss of this quirky, influential figure. This highly successful biography by Michael Heatley, now in paperback, traces Peel's fascinating life from boyhood and adolescence to his early counter-culture days on pirate radio, and charts his lengthy maverick career at Radio One up to his later years where he found a new audience on Radio Four's popular Saturday morning show, Home Truths.



Ken Dodd: The Biography

Stephen Griffin

1-84317-123-6 • £17.99 • HB • 231x153mm • 288pp + 8pp photos

PUB DATE 12.5.05

Unbelievably, even in his late seventies, Ken Dodd still tours the country, performing in packed venues three or four nights a week with his legendary four-hour sets. 'I do it because that is what I do. I do it because that is what I am,' he said when asked why he continues with this punishing schedule. To many, he is the last great music-hall-inspired variety comic. Yet to those who've never seen him live he is still merely the purveyor of Diddymen and sugary ballads. But what drives this man, who still lives in the house in which he was born in Knotty Ash? Why has he never married, despite having two long-term 'fiancées'? What about his famously strange relationship to money, culminating in his infamous 1989 trial for tax evasion? What was the story behind his stalker? And how did this feather-duster salesman from Liverpool become one of the greatest, though least-lauded, comic geniuses of his generation? In this major new biography, Stephen Griffin has interviewed friends, colleagues and fellow comedians to get inside the mind of the Diddyman.




Andrew Morton

1-84317-050-7 • £6.99 • pb • 178x111mm • 288pp • 32pp illus • 2003 updated edition

The sensational biography that penetrates the surface of the Beckhams’ carefully controlled public image and lays bare the real people behind it.

‘Stuffed with juicy insights, this is the book they tried to ban.’
Andrea Henry, Mirror

The no.1 BESTSELLER updated!




Andrew Morton

1-85479-352-7 • £8.99 • pb • 198x129mm • 288pp • 32pp illus • 2003 reissue

A reissue of the ground-breaking, controversial book that shocked the world and exposed life in the royal family, as relayed by Diana to Andrew Morton.

'Andrew Morton’s spectacular coup. Rarely has any biography played so crucial a role in the life of its subject.’
Anthony Holden, Daily Mail





Sue Crawford

1-84317-016-7 • £5.99 • pb • 178x111mm • 224pp • 16pp colour illus • 2003

A revised and updated edition of the hardback that sold over 100,000 copies and was eight weeks in the Sunday Times bestseller list.




Diana: Closely Guarded Secret

Inspector Ken Wharfe with Robert Jobson

1-84317-028-0 • £6.99 • pb • 198x129mm • 288pp • 16pp colour illus • 2003

The controversial biography written by Diana’s former bodyguard - a Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller with over 60,000 copies sold in hardback.

‘It is the minutiae of personal details that help to bring the royals to life.’
Sunday Times



Winston Churchill: The Greatest Briton

Dominique Enright

£12.99 • hb • 1-84317-049-3 • 198x129mm • 256pp • 2003

By the author of the bestselling The Wicked Wit of Winston Churchill. A lively, highly readable appreciation of the man voted the greatest Briton of all time, packed with examples of his legendary sayings and wittiest comments.



John Peel: A Life in Music

Michael Healey

A complete portrait of the man whose passion for new music inspired generations
of fans.

HB - 231x153mm 224pp + 16pp - £14.99




Diana: In Pursuit of Love

Andrew Morton

1-84317-084-1 • £18 • hb • 231x153mm • 320pp • 32pp plates • JUNE 2004

• Includes previously unpublished details from the Diana-Morton tapes
• Based on wide-ranging fresh research, and new and exclusive interviews
• The definitive book on Diana, Princess of Wales’s last years, by the biographer she herself chose

When Andrew Morton’s world-famous biography, Diana: Her True Story, was first published, it caused a media frenzy, severely jolted the royal family and the Palace hierarchy, and shook the British Establishment to its foundations. Later revealed as having been written with the Princess’s full cooperation, this world bestseller is now seen as the nearest thing to her official biography. Yet it was not the full story, nor could it have been, given the circumstances at the time.
This is even more apparent in the light of events that have occurred since her death, which have been played out under the harsh gaze of the media, once again catapulting Diana’s name back into the spotlight. Figures such as her sometime lover James Hewitt, her butler Paul Burrell and Prince Charles’s valet Michael Fawcett have emerged, while intriguing comments that Diana made to Morton in taped conversations, and which have never been published, become supremely important in view of subsequent events. Friends, advisers and colleagues, interviewed now, more than six years after her death, feel a far greater freedom in speaking of her than once they did. In what is bound to be seen as the definitive study of the Princess in the most crucial period of her short life, Diana: In Pursuit of Love provides the last word on one of the best-loved figures of our era.
Andrew Morton is one of the world’s best-known biographers, and widely regarded as being among the finest investigative writers of his day. His ground-breaking and controversial biography Diana: Her True Story changed the public’s perception of the British monarchy.
Over the years, he has won numerous awards, amongst them Author of the Year, Investigative Journalist of the Year and Scoop of the Year, as well as a special award for services to journalism.




Paula, Michael & Bob

Gerry Agar

1-84317-024-8 • £18 • HB • 231x153mm • 256pp + 16pp illuss. • 2003



Elton: Made In England

Judy Parkingson

1-85479-314-4 • £20 • HB • 231x153mm + 16pp illuss. • 2003




Andrew Morton

1-85479-432-9 • £6.99 • PB • 198x129mm + 32pp illuss. • 2003



On A Clear Day

David Blunkett

1-84317-007-8 • £17.99 • HB • 231x153mm + 24pp illuss. • 2003



Diana Princess of Wales: A Tribute in Photographs

1-85479-327-6 • £15.99 • HB • 231x153mm • 160pp • 1998



The World According to Elvis

Clare Flowers

1-84317-031-0 • £9.99 • HB • 198x129mm • 162pp • 2003




The World According to Margaret Thatcher

Stephen Blake and Andrew John

1-84317-015-9 • £9.99 • HB • 198x129mm • 162pp • 2003



The World According to Groucho Marx

David Brown

1-85479-130-3 • £9.99 • HB • 198x129mm • 162pp • 2003




Frances: The Remarkable Story of Princess Diana's Mother

Max Riddington and Gavan Naden

1-84317-043-4 • £18 • HB • 231x153mm • 256pp + 16pp illuss. • 2003




Princess Margaret: A Biography

Theo Aronson

1-85479-682-8 • £7.99 • PB • 198x129mm • 352pp + 24pp illuss. • 2003