Sex Cheques

Just choose one of our titillating sex promises, or use a blank cheque to write your own steamy pledge, and sign on the dotted line. Now all you have to do is pay the bearer on demand, and remember who dares, sins...

1-84317-121-X • £3.50 • PB • 70x200mm • 72pp


Love Cheques

Do you want to show the special someone in your life how much you care? The loving messages in this cheque book are the ideal way to express your feelings.

Choose one of the 30 prmises or use a blank cheque to write your own sweet nothings...

1-84317-133-3 • £2.99 • PB • 70x200mm • 72pp



Perfect Love Cheques

From the Bank of Love, these romantic messages are the ideal way to express your feelings for that special someone.

1-84317-044-2 • £3.50 • PB • 70x200mm • 72pp • 2003



Sex Maniac's Cheques

These X-rated promises from the Bonk of Eros are guaranteed to raise interest rates immediately!

1-85479-434-5 • £2.99 • PB • 70x200mm • 72pp • 2002





These Bank of Eros cheques have been issued to allow you to grab the attention of that guy or girl you’ve been drooling over, and get them out of your fantasies and into your life.

1-85479-174-5 • £2.99 • PB • 70x200mm • 72pp • 2001




Hot Sex Cheques

From the Bonk of Eros, these sex promises are almost too hot to handle! With six blank cheques for those extra special occasions!

1-84317-069-8 • £3.50 • PB • 70x200mm • 72pp • 2003




Old Fart's Cheques

Drawn on the Bank of Bull, these cheques are the ideal way for all you men to stop being slobs. Sign on the dotted line and put the spark back into your relationship.

1-84317-020-5 • £3.50 • PB • 70x200mm • 72pp • 2003



Thankyou & Well Done Cheques

From the Bank of Love, these cheques are for those of you who don’t find it easy to express your thanks, gratitude or admiration.

1-85479-810-3 • £2.99 • PB • 70x200mm • 72pp • 2000